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Hello! It’s Maya! Do You Remember Me?

Hello people of the blogging world! I have been away for many months due to school, life, work and a wee bit of a revelation I had one day… what is Vision Venom bringing to the fashion world? There are so many fashion bloggers out there and so many that have great content, some that have the shittiest content and some that still think Polyvore layouts are “chic” (uhun, not cool anymore.) and I just stopped writing here because I feel as though my blog isn’t bringing anything to the fashion world that is innovative and creative. All Vision Venom is, is, a collection of thoughts and content that I like, gathered from other websites that originate this content, with a paragraph or so of my opinion. So I asked myself, why does anyone care what I have to say? Why should I keep VV going? I realized that I shouldn’t… well, until I can figure out something creative and new that I can give to the fashion blogging world. So, if you really enjoyed this blog, I’m sorry, and maybe I will update, but, if I do Vision Venom will be a website, not a WordPress blog and I will post the link here in the future! 

If you’d like to keep up with me on my other doings here are some links!

My personal Tumblr: This is where I like to post music, re-blog fashion, collect beauty, and talk about kpop (sorry, I’m not sorry!)

My design Tumblr: This is my inspiration board almost for my fashion designs and also where I post my work.

My twitter: This is where I write things and then delete them the next day because I want a “cool twitter” but, only realize after I write something it so was not cool…

xoxo Maya 


Clean Your Face with Into The Gloss

Damn I love Into The Gloss more than anything… okay you got me not more that pho or sushi or gelato or any type of ice cream ever… but, they are curing my finals blues and making me excited for summer! They have also showed me that I am cleaning my face wrong, but, how could this be?! I wake up, my hair is already pulled back, i splash water on my face a squirt out some Purity into my palm and massage but, nope… I was wrong. So, lucky me, I had all of the tools to try this tutorial video with and WOW what a difference! My skin is brighter, lighter and healthy in just two days… what the hell was I doing to wash my face?! I mean its not like I was using hair grease or anything… well now I know! Enjoy these relaxing videos posted by Into The Gloss!

Marymount University’s Portfolio In Motion 2013: Cosmic Dreaming

When I was a child I wanted to be the first female African American president, but, I didn’t have the grades. I then wanted to be a ballerina, but I stopped dancing. I wanted to be a singer but, I stopped following that dream as well, and the one dream that stuck like glue was being a fashion designer. I have been waiting for a moment like this all my life and here it is… a fashion show where two of my own original designs will be featured. All of the blood and the frustration has been worth it, and to see my designs being shown in front of our designer of the year, Todashi Shoji, makes this opportunity even more amazing!

If you are interested in coming to the show here is the information and the links for more information!

Marymount University’s Portfolio in Motion 2013: Cosmic Dreaming

May 3rd and 4th 2013


Click the link here to buy tickets: Tickets for Friday and Saturday

International Scarves in Solidarity Day: April 11, 2013

It is sad that it is 2013 and the way POC ( People of color) and women are treated are still not where they need to be. This world is ever changing for the better yet, a woman can’t go out without being harassed and POC can’t go out without being stereotyped by someone either of another race or other POC.

As a woman of color I see this first hand. When I go out by myself I have to put on what my friends and I call a “bitch face”, yes the name is counter-proactive for me to say as a feminist  but that’s the point. If a woman is thought  by a male as a “bitch” then she won’t be messed with.   So whenever I put on this face that screams “PLEASE DO NOT MESS WITH ME I WILL CUT YOUR DICK OFF!” I hardly ever… scratch that… I still get harassed by men on the street. I have to cross the road if I see a group of men walking down the side walk and I have to walk very fast at night. Why? Why is it in 2013 as a woman I can’t go outside without the threat of rape following me like a shadow? Why is it that my best friend here at school says that we can’t wear tight dresses and heels on the metro at night in D.C. without asking to be harassed? Why is she right? As a woman who is pretty independent and will go out by herself I am constantly talked to in a degrading manner… I can’t live my life like this forever and something must change.

On this subject my Muslim sisters who choose to wear their Hijabs get the harassment even worse. This must stop! They are judge because of their religion and the very ignorant white washed and Americanized concept that all Muslims are terrorists and they are judged by other women who think they are “giving in” to the Islamic male idea of how women should be covered in public. Both are wrong and harmful to the future of this world!

We must do better and that is why tomorrow ( my University’s wear a Hijab day) I will be wearing a Hijab to show my support and love for all women and all of their decisions to live the life they choose to live! On April 11 you can do so too on International Scarves in Solidarity Day!

With Spring On My Mind…

I have spring on my mind and all I can think of are dresses, sunnies and hats! Here are some photos I took last fall for the Simon Mall Project Style competition. But, they also work for some spring fashion inspiration!

IMG_0837 IMG_0826 IMG_0822Outfit from Urban Outfitters!

A Few Things

This Mystic S/S 2013 fashion show:

An online magazine I’m gushing over:

Illustrated fashion:


Spring Is Here!

Wednesday is the first true day of spring and Arlington is cold, rainy and sad! That’s okay though because my closet is going to be bright and bold with springs love! I have stolen some street style shots from the interwebs that are inspiring me to dress for spring… even if I am currently wearing denim on denim shirt and jeans, rain boots and a plaid wool cape… a girl can dream right? Right!

streetstyle8654-web streetstyle8675-web streetstyle8678-web streetstyle8693-web streetstyle8713-web streetstyle8714-web streetstyle8724-diptych-web streetstyle8729-web streetstyle8732-webPhotos: Vanessa Jackman

The Most Perfect Shoe.

I have found a pair of shoes that when I laid my eyes on them my jaw dropped. I haven’t seen them in person but, just the photos online are giving a true shoe-gasim. They are by Loeffler Randall and they are called the Allie Wedge Bootie… and they are on sale. Enjoy these fantastic shoes while I imagine them on my feet and making me very happy.

Minimalistic Fashion

I have been on this new kick to have less things and only things of quality and stories. Everything that I have gathered in this past year will be something that I will own for…ever or it is an heirloom. As I have grown into an eco-savvy lady I have had so much more fun with my wardrobe by mixing and matching a few basic pieces and vintage jewelry. I’m not the only one feeling this way about my closet and my living space. All of my friends and family have jumped on the minimal living bandwagon and those who haven’t… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! There is a level of zen you feel when you can open a drawer and it feels like there is nothing in it and sweaters don’t get clogged up when you close it.

Many fashion designers have jumped on this concept as well. Designers are creating collections made from quality materials with little to no frilly designs that make the items trendy what so ever. This makes the items wearable through any season from now until… like, forever.

Lauren Manoogian

Margaret Howell


A Very, Very, Very Late Fashion Week Post

Look, I am a full time student who works and sews on the side… also I just finished putting on a full blown fashion show with many other students at my university so give me a break! As I type this post now I’m at work sipping a Vita Coco trying to relax from Mid-terms and get ready for spring break. Wooo.  So this post will consist of a few photos from my favorite collection this season. I decided to choose one because I am sure by now many people have seen all of the collections, but they don’t have someone’s input on their very, very favorite one! It was hard to choose because I loved so many but, I narrowed it down to two ( I chose two instead of one because they both rule and I need every piece from both of them.) The winners are…… J.Crew and A.P.C!!!


J. Crew’s collection this season was just amazing! If I could high five Jenna right this second I would… you know because Jenna and I are totes on a first name basis. The brand has formed into this power house that produces Hipster friendly work clothes and just some plain ol’ good quality items. They are cashing in on the fact that the 20 somethings are now spending more money on their clothes: we are starting to believe in quality over quantity and saving our baby sitting money for a pair of fresh pair of Opening Ceremony platform sneakers (duh). The looks from this collection that I love are the Persian and African printed blazers draped over the shoulders, the ankle strap heels with (eek!) no platform, the shirts layered under cool sweaters paired with chunk jeweled necklaces or crazy printed scarves. Pretty much anything boring had jewels on it. Boring camel colored wool coat? Throw some fuckin’ jewels on that motha’ fucka’!Once again all of the models resembled Jenna, I mean can you blame her? If you had the ability to make clones of you for like, three hours, you totally would wouldn’t you?

The men were equally as dapper. The clothing for the guys were the ideal #menswear items on the market today. Clothing that was vintage inspired with very, very tiny, yet amazing details that will get all the men shopping. Forest greens, burgundy, and cobalt blues are the colors for the men paired with well tailored items and Red Wing like worker men boots. I absolutely adore this collection, it is wearable and chic and sellable!


apc 1

apc 2

apc 3

I love A.P.C because they always have a very simple and beautiful design. This season was no different; from the Nikes to the ribbed burgundy tights I am in LOVE! Side note: In my fashion illustration class last semester I had to predict the trends for little boys when we were studying children’s wear and predicted burgundy and forest green to be the biggest colors next fall for everyone! Look at these collections! They all have these very dark and somber colors with a hint of vintage. I love this collection because of its late 60’s early 70’s vibe and its effortless styling!