Clean Your Face with Into The Gloss

by mayashaw

Damn I love Into The Gloss more than anything… okay you got me not more that pho or sushi or gelato or any type of ice cream ever… but, they are curing my finals blues and making me excited for summer! They have also showed me that I am cleaning my face wrong, but, how could this be?! I wake up, my hair is already pulled back, i splash water on my face a squirt out some Purity into my palm and massage but, nope… I was wrong. So, lucky me, I had all of the tools to try this tutorial video with and WOW what a difference! My skin is brighter, lighter and healthy in just two days… what the hell was I doing to wash my face?! I mean its not like I was using hair grease or anything… well now I know! Enjoy these relaxing videos posted by Into The Gloss!