International Scarves in Solidarity Day: April 11, 2013

by mayashaw

It is sad that it is 2013 and the way POC ( People of color) and women are treated are still not where they need to be. This world is ever changing for the better yet, a woman can’t go out without being harassed and POC can’t go out without being stereotyped by someone either of another race or other POC.

As a woman of color I see this first hand. When I go out by myself I have to put on what my friends and I call a “bitch face”, yes the name is counter-proactive for me to say as a feminist  but that’s the point. If a woman is thought  by a male as a “bitch” then she won’t be messed with.   So whenever I put on this face that screams “PLEASE DO NOT MESS WITH ME I WILL CUT YOUR DICK OFF!” I hardly ever… scratch that… I still get harassed by men on the street. I have to cross the road if I see a group of men walking down the side walk and I have to walk very fast at night. Why? Why is it in 2013 as a woman I can’t go outside without the threat of rape following me like a shadow? Why is it that my best friend here at school says that we can’t wear tight dresses and heels on the metro at night in D.C. without asking to be harassed? Why is she right? As a woman who is pretty independent and will go out by herself I am constantly talked to in a degrading manner… I can’t live my life like this forever and something must change.

On this subject my Muslim sisters who choose to wear their Hijabs get the harassment even worse. This must stop! They are judge because of their religion and the very ignorant white washed and Americanized concept that all Muslims are terrorists and they are judged by other women who think they are “giving in” to the Islamic male idea of how women should be covered in public. Both are wrong and harmful to the future of this world!

We must do better and that is why tomorrow ( my University’s wear a Hijab day) I will be wearing a Hijab to show my support and love for all women and all of their decisions to live the life they choose to live! On April 11 you can do so too on International Scarves in Solidarity Day!