Hello! It’s Maya! Do You Remember Me?

by mayashaw

Hello people of the blogging world! I have been away for many months due to school, life, work and a wee bit of a revelation I had one day… what is Vision Venom bringing to the fashion world? There are so many fashion bloggers out there and so many that have great content, some that have the shittiest content and some that still think Polyvore layouts are “chic” (uhun, not cool anymore.) and I just stopped writing here because I feel as though my blog isn’t bringing anything to the fashion world that is innovative and creative. All Vision Venom is, is, a collection of thoughts and content that I like, gathered from other websites that originate this content, with a paragraph or so of my opinion. So I asked myself, why does anyone care what I have to say? Why should I keep VV going? I realized that I shouldn’t… well, until I can figure out something creative and new that I can give to the fashion blogging world. So, if you really enjoyed this blog, I’m sorry, and maybe I will update, but, if I do Vision Venom will be a website, not a WordPress blog and I will post the link here in the future! 

If you’d like to keep up with me on my other doings here are some links!

My personal Tumblr: This is where I like to post music, re-blog fashion, collect beauty, and talk about kpop (sorry, I’m not sorry!)

My design Tumblr: This is my inspiration board almost for my fashion designs and also where I post my work.

My twitter: This is where I write things and then delete them the next day because I want a “cool twitter” but, only realize after I write something it so was not cool…

xoxo Maya