A Very, Very, Very Late Fashion Week Post

by mayashaw

Look, I am a full time student who works and sews on the side… also I just finished putting on a full blown fashion show with many other students at my university so give me a break! As I type this post now I’m at work sipping a Vita Coco trying to relax from Mid-terms and get ready for spring break. Wooo.  So this post will consist of a few photos from my favorite collection this season. I decided to choose one because I am sure by now many people have seen all of the collections, but they don’t have someone’s input on their very, very favorite one! It was hard to choose because I loved so many but, I narrowed it down to two ( I chose two instead of one because they both rule and I need every piece from both of them.) The winners are…… J.Crew and A.P.C!!!


J. Crew’s collection this season was just amazing! If I could high five Jenna right this second I would… you know because Jenna and I are totes on a first name basis. The brand has formed into this power house that produces Hipster friendly work clothes and just some plain ol’ good quality items. They are cashing in on the fact that the 20 somethings are now spending more money on their clothes: we are starting to believe in quality over quantity and saving our baby sitting money for a pair of fresh pair of Opening Ceremony platform sneakers (duh). The looks from this collection that I love are the Persian and African printed blazers draped over the shoulders, the ankle strap heels with (eek!) no platform, the shirts layered under cool sweaters paired with chunk jeweled necklaces or crazy printed scarves. Pretty much anything boring had jewels on it. Boring camel colored wool coat? Throw some fuckin’ jewels on that motha’ fucka’!Once again all of the models resembled Jenna, I mean can you blame her? If you had the ability to make clones of you for like, three hours, you totally would wouldn’t you?

The men were equally as dapper. The clothing for the guys were the ideal #menswear items on the market today. Clothing that was vintage inspired with very, very tiny, yet amazing details that will get all the men shopping. Forest greens, burgundy, and cobalt blues are the colors for the men paired with well tailored items and Red Wing like worker men boots. I absolutely adore this collection, it is wearable and chic and sellable!


apc 1

apc 2

apc 3

I love A.P.C because they always have a very simple and beautiful design. This season was no different; from the Nikes to the ribbed burgundy tights I am in LOVE! Side note: In my fashion illustration class last semester I had to predict the trends for little boys when we were studying children’s wear and predicted burgundy and forest green to be the biggest colors next fall for everyone! Look at these collections! They all have these very dark and somber colors with a hint of vintage. I love this collection because of its late 60’s early 70’s vibe and its effortless styling!