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Garance Dore New Segment: This Is Trending!

Thank you Garance for being my favorite person on the internet at this moment! I want to meet you so bad and discuss life over tea… I feel as though we would be the best of franz!

Okay, enough of my creepy internet love for Garance ( that shines bright like a fucking diamond!) She has brought a new love into my life that is her new Youtube segment called This Is Trending! Cute right! I’m enjoying it myself along with all of her other videos! Garance please come to Washington D.C and make my dreams come true!



P.S.- I will be posting more and more and I am so damn busy this semester! Bare with me followers!


The Gentlewoman- Beyonce

Beyoncé Knowles The Gentlewoman

Beyonce graces the cover of the newest issue of The Gentlewoman! Amazing! 

P.S. I have been crazy busy but, I will be back soon with more posts and a NYFW post! 

My New Favorite Tumblr

When you think of Asian streetwear blogs you think of Tokyo, Japan right? Well, re-think that and start reading People Purple. This is a blog that is dedicated to the effortlessly chic folk of Seoul, Korea. No crazy bright colors, neon hair or your stereotypical cute Asian fashion here, just really good clothes worn on REALLY attractive people.

Jay Kim27 FEBRUARY, 2012

Sungkyung Lee & Seungmee Lee13 OCTOBER, 2013

Sun Lee20 JANUARY, 2013

Jinwook Yoon10 OCTOBER, 2013

The Washingtonian Bride and Groom Expo Fashion Show

Sunday I worked the Washingtonian Bride and Groom Expo fashion show. I love doing this event because we get to work with stunning gowns, dream about getting married, and they feed us. Not to mention that last year we got to meet Reem Acra! Here are some photos from the event, Enjoy!


Maya IMAG0074 IMAG0077 IMAG0120 IMAG0119 IMAG0118 IMAG0116 IMAG0082

Garance Dore: DIY Jewled Beanie

Such a simply and easy concept! Enjoy!

Prabal Gurung For Target!

Yayyyyyyyy! Hip, hip HORAY! I am so excited for this collaboration I’m like about to pee on myself (not really, please don’t judge me!) Since the Nieman Marcus for Target items were *insert fart noise* I am very happy to see that Prabal brought his A game for his own collection. From the shoes to those damn booty shorts I have to have for summer, the collection is a hit and I am a happy fan! Team Prabal, Team Target, Team cheap ass clothes! (Everything is under $50? FUCK YEAH!) February 10 is around the corner, get your wallets ready!


(The SHOES!)

Available at Target!


A Simple Home

Some times we get so caught up in all the utter bull shit that is thrown at us every day that we forget that less, sometimes, is more and a home should never be distracting or uncomfortable. When I watch shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta I’m just like “They don’t live in that house!” Chaz of Toro Y Moi Instagramed some snaps of Kanye West’s home and it just looks like a weirdly shaped hotel. A home should be simple and clean (clean being most important!) The home of Claire Cottrell is stunning even though many things haven’t been moved in yet ( in the interview on the original site she says that she has only lived there for 10 days!) Her home is a home and it is a dream come true! Click HERE for the original post!

Freunde-von-Freunden-ClaireCottrell-12-930x620 Freunde-von-Freunden-ClaireCottrell-27-930x620 Freunde-von-Freunden-ClaireCottrell-79-930x620 Freunde-von-Freunden-ClaireCottrell-186-930x620 Freunde-von-Freunden-ClaireCottrell-192-930x620 Freunde-von-Freunden-ClaireCottrell-209-930x617

J.W. Anderson A/W 2013

Times like these I would like to thank the internet for existing. I would like to thank all of those who worked endlessly on creating this thing and my parents who pay for it out of the goodness of the heart. I would like to thank all of the ametrure fashion writers like myself and those professional journalist for big time magazines like, oh lets say, the New York Times. Thank you, thank you thank you.

Now that I have been thankful I can discuss this fucking awesome ass collection Mr. Anderson has blessed our eyes with. Now I must thank him as well, thank you J.W. thank you. I want to thank you for always doing some crazy shit and making me cry. I would like to thank you for making people think whether it’s positive or negative. Thank you for bringing the innovation and spark back into fashion and thank you for being monochromatic in color yet, strong and defined in design. It’s stunning, thought provoking and buzz worthy. A great collection over all! I see lots of man vaginas and I like it.


Colette: Tee of the Month

If you follow Colette on Instagram you know how fucking cool they are. Colette has always been cool but, it has taken me a little time to truly fall in love with what the store is doing not only to the Paris fashion community but, the global fashion community. One thing that Colette is doing that is pure genius ( or pure eviiiiiil) is teaming up with fashion houses and famous artiste to create a collectible t-shirt every month. So far there have been six, I have none and something must be done about this! There are only 50 shirts produced each month and this illustration is done by Daniel Frost. Daniel’s prints and designs are extraordinary and if you haven’t googled him yet do it now before you finish reading this post. His bold colors and linear and organic design usage is smart and eye catching. I love seeing his work on this shirt because he was limited to the Colette colors and yet his design approach is very apparent.

C’est chic!


Monday Madness

Men: Soo Hyuk Lee

Music: Hi Lee (1,2,3,4)

Inspiration: Garance Dore




Happy New Year!