Minimalistic Fashion

by mayashaw

I have been on this new kick to have less things and only things of quality and stories. Everything that I have gathered in this past year will be something that I will own for…ever or it is an heirloom. As I have grown into an eco-savvy lady I have had so much more fun with my wardrobe by mixing and matching a few basic pieces and vintage jewelry. I’m not the only one feeling this way about my closet and my living space. All of my friends and family have jumped on the minimal living bandwagon and those who haven’t… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! There is a level of zen you feel when you can open a drawer and it feels like there is nothing in it and sweaters don’t get clogged up when you close it.

Many fashion designers have jumped on this concept as well. Designers are creating collections made from quality materials with little to no frilly designs that make the items trendy what so ever. This makes the items wearable through any season from now until… like, forever.

Lauren Manoogian

Margaret Howell