Flowers of Dior

by mayashaw

Yeesh, It’s been a while since a post right? So much has been going on that I haven’t even been able to upload on here… what is my life?! From work to my birthday yesterday to editing photos from the Curly Hair Expo (Photos are coming up here so soon! I’m so behind!) it has just been wild y’all… wild.

Speaking of behind posts I have been meaning to post the flowers from the Raf Simmons debut Dior collection for like, a month. Yes, a month! I know you guys are thinking “Maya. What the flying squirrels have you been doing? Stop reading men’s wear blogs, listening to Twin Shadow and watching the Sex and the City marathons on the Style network and upload some damn posts!” What’s crazy is that all of my recent posts (this one included) are done at my job when I’m a wee bit on the bored side! What is my life you guys? Worst fashion blogger ever… anywho.

Look at how stunning this show was. And yes the new Dior was shocking and simple and chic and Raf, but those flowers are a dream in my heart (yes my heart dreams, what you gonna do ’bout it?!).

File 11135

File 11136

So many damn flowers that the woman in the background had to text her GBF about it. These flowers really go with my whole fleur du France and floral obsession thing I’m doing right now. I can’t be the only one who wants to go to London just to shop at Liberty and roll around in garden roses for hours right? Yeah, right!