J.W. Anderson A/W 2013

by mayashaw

Times like these I would like to thank the internet for existing. I would like to thank all of those who worked endlessly on creating this thing and my parents who pay for it out of the goodness of the heart. I would like to thank all of the ametrure fashion writers like myself and those professional journalist for big time magazines like, oh lets say, the New York Times. Thank you, thank you thank you.

Now that I have been thankful I can discuss this fucking awesome ass collection Mr. Anderson has blessed our eyes with. Now I must thank him as well, thank you J.W. thank you. I want to thank you for always doing some crazy shit and making me cry. I would like to thank you for making people think whether it’s positive or negative. Thank you for bringing the innovation and spark back into fashion and thank you for being monochromatic in color yet, strong and defined in design. It’s stunning, thought provoking and buzz worthy. A great collection over all! I see lots of man vaginas and I like it.