Colette: Tee of the Month

by mayashaw

If you follow Colette on Instagram you know how fucking cool they are. Colette has always been cool but, it has taken me a little time to truly fall in love with what the store is doing not only to the Paris fashion community but, the global fashion community. One thing that Colette is doing that is pure genius ( or pure eviiiiiil) is teaming up with fashion houses and famous artiste to create a collectible t-shirt every month. So far there have been six, I have none and something must be done about this! There are only 50 shirts produced each month and this illustration is done by Daniel Frost. Daniel’s prints and designs are extraordinary and if you haven’t googled him yet do it now before you finish reading this post. His bold colors and linear and organic design usage is smart and eye catching. I love seeing his work on this shirt because he was limited to the Colette colors and yet his design approach is very apparent.

C’est chic!