by mayashaw

Homme not hommie. See what I did there. I have been obsessing over homes recently and I don’t even know why. This always happens around ever Christmas break I have where I am meandering the interwebs like a lost puppy looking for something new to obsess about and LO AND BEHOLD it comes to me. This break has been about European homes and Kpop Idols. While I still love Big Bang and 2NE1 the most I have opened my heart to other kpop groups like my new favorites Shinee and Hi Lee ( 1,2,3 is my ringtone and I have no regrets) I know these things have about as much to do with fashion as cheese and wine but, I must, MUST show you guys some amazing homes not hommes I have found (I’m saving the hommes for the next post, get ready baby!)



All Photos: Blackbird