Be A Good, Bad, Gifter

by mayashaw

This Christmas I got a lot of gifts I don’t need and this delima could have easily been solved with giving me money instead of  “insert shit I don’t need here.” Now, I know that sounds very ungrateful but honestly how many gloves can a girl possibly have? I get so many gloves over Christmas that I Goodwill over 5 pairs  every year… every year! Last year I got a great pair of Ralph Lauren gloves that I love but, they aren’t warm, this year I got a pair of gloves with tech fingers so that I can text in the cold! So, those gifters won, good job, but, the knit gloves with fur around the wrists are cute with their matching socks but not functional…

So, if you are a bad gifter and you buy people basic things like gloves, hats, scarves and PJ’s here is a little bit of advise so that you don’t gift the wrong thing next year and what your giftee is really doing with that silver cheetah print scarf you gave them.


Pajamas are great because everyone needs some! But, buying that cheap and way too hot flannel can put your giftee in harms way. Instead of those thick fabrics think about fabrics that can be worn all year long or think thermal fabrics. Buy a classic color that everyone would like such as a blue, navy, grey or black and white so that you know the crazy color won’t be an issue. When it comes to the print either have no print, a checker, or a fun but subtle print such as polka dots, little hearts, and tiny animals. Above are great examples that anyone would love because they are some banging ass pajamas!


Everyone needs a pair of gloves. The trick to giving gloves is choosing ahead of time who your giftee is and if you want to give them function or fashion… or both! Right now, fingerless gloves are right on trend and although they are super cute and cool (see the ones with the fur on the back?!?!) they suck. Like, your fingers don’t get cold? I don’t get it. Leather gloves are classic, they will never go out of style and they add a sense of power to the winter wardrobe. Lastly, my favorites,  are the fashionable and functional gloves! Uniqlo and Ugg have created these amazing chic gloves that are water proof and super warm!


You have two choices for scarves: Knit or silk! I love both and I wish some Etsy store would have a scarf that is half silk and half knit… I would be all over that. No one wants anything near the face that is going to shed or be too fluffy so stay away from fur scarves. Silk scarves are great because they have beautiful prints and come in so many colors, you can also wear them in any season inside and outside. Knit scarves are warm and depending on the fiber are very comfortable. Stay away from wool fibers in scarves because wool can be irritating to some people especially on a sensitive body party like the neck. Stick to acrylic and cotton.


People know now not to buy me hats because they do not fit over my fro and it makes me so sad because the hat trends are so cute! I love all of the fluffy poms on top of hats spotted at stores like Urban Outfitters and Gap. I also love the structured hats taken from the boys. Lastly the  never ending or disappearing earmuffs. They are great when you don’t want to mess up your hair or when you can’t fit a hat over your head. Hats are great gifts but, they have to fit the persons taste.

When giving gifts remember to only buy something that reminds you of the other person or something that you know they would love. Don’t just gift because you feel as though you have to, gift because that person means a lot to you and you want to show them that you care. So be a good gifter and give people shit they want!