Real Talk Vol. 9: Finals

by mayashaw


Yes it is the dreaded end of the first semester where teachers give us a shit load of test, papers and projects that count for the majority of the grade in that class. This is the ultimate trial to see which students will crack under the pressure and which students will rise to the top and claim their spot on the deans list.

This semester has been extremely hard on me between projects and school in general to the death of a very close family member that I still can’t believe is gone to my phone and my laptop breaking at the same damn time ( I am currently writing from a computer in our library since I hope Santa will bring me a new one in 2 weeks) and through good times and hard times I believe that I have proven to myself and to my family that I will not crack and that getting this education means more to me than anything … but, not as much and the Valentino show I just worked (pictures up soon!)

As I sit here typing away listing to Phoenix Pandora station and pretending like I’m actually doing work I am observing the other students typing their lives away (or their futures into place?) I notice one woman with ear plugs, everyone else is listening to music or feels comforted with the bit of chatter of the sound of typing… 3 students have their hands on their chins and have their faces extremely close to the computer… either they are really reading that e-textbook or their game of snake just got real. I observe these students in the hope that someone is observing me not doing my work and posting the post but, not to worry I have studding of my own to dive into.

And on that note, I bid farewell and good luck to all the students out there grinding out A’s and reaping the rewards!



Photo: Jak & Jil