Real Talk Vol. 8: Get Your Life Together Woman.

by mayashaw

Now I may just be a sophomore in college but, I see it forming in the women I am surrounded by daily (because I go to a small ass school). Even the ladies from back home, on Tumblr, on fashion blogs and on Twitter are growing this tumor, this itch to find a rich man.

I saw an Instagrandpa (Instagram duh) post from a girl that I follow who owns pretty much the best of the best designer pieces. She doesn’t own these things because her dad or her “man” bought them all for her but, because she works a full time job, saves up her money and buys them for herself… anyways the posts said and I quote “Broke girls are played out!” I thought to myself that, that seems like a legit statement. If you are a female today living in a middle to upper class lifestyle and you are between the ages of 17 and Ancient and you aren’t making your own money and saving for your future you are out of it.

Here is a bit of information about myself (I’m sure you don’t care but, it needs to be stated.) I am a full time student working 2 jobs (soon to be 3), dean’s list, I work an internship and I am helping with the production of a fashion show and a fall/winter 2013 collection and I am doing it on my own. I won’t lie though, I have a supportive family that gives words of advice and love and sends money out of the kindness of their hearts, but I make it clear to them that I don’t need it and that I can make it on my own.

With all of this said it saddens me to see young women in today’s economy that would rather rely on their spouse, partner, or parents to supply them with the things they need or want. We see these shows on TV (that I have been guilty of watching but, had to stop because of the ignorance that is glamorized) and we think that if we marry a basketball player and have some children that we will get our own TV show. We see this behavior everywhere and we see it so much that some young women think that it is the norm and some young men are just waiting to take advantage of the situation.

It is not cute to not have something of your own, something that you didn’t work for and nothing to look forward to because everything has been given to you. Young women today must find the balance in their life to be able to juggle  all the things that are thrown at them because it won’t get any easier we will just be older and wiser. Also, it just feels good to not have to rely on anyone to get the things you need and to have pride that comes from within knowing that you worked your ass off for something and sadly some women in our generation will never know how that feels but, soon that silver platter will rust.

Photo: Jak&Jil