Gifts For Under $50

by mayashaw

Gifts For Under $50

Fashion bloggers are all like “GIFTS FOR UNDER $100 WOOOO SO CHEAP YEAH LOOK WHAT I FOUND THAT IS SO CHEAP!” And I’m all like “Uh… is target on there somewhere?” No, I’m just kidding but seriously if you think that spending $100 on a gift is the cheapest thing I wish I was living your life. $50 is my max… it used to be that “free” was my max because I made everyone’s gifts but, now that I am a working woman it’s $50. You can totally find something cute, chic and something that someone will love for a lower price. So boom to all you fashion bloggers bragging about your $100 polyvore board because mine is just as cute and the thang thangs are all below $50!