Let Us Discus

by mayashaw

I have come to realize that I find European and Japanese fashion the most pleasing to my eyes. When I saw this young ladies all plaid outfit I really liked it I mean that’s all I just fucking liked it. We spend so much time trying to put into words what we think is good or beautiful about fashion that sometimes you just have to say “I just like it.” and then some will ask “Why?” and you say “I just do.” Sometimes there is no reason…

We have all these papers to write in school, we have all these critiques and discussions where we have to state as to why we find something aesthetically pleasing and every now and then I just want to say “Because I do!” instead of having to state how the lines are formed or how the colors are nice or how the garment fits or how the wearer styled it.   

And all of this makes me wonder why. Why must we have to constantly feel subjective and forced into expressing ourselves and how something effects me? Why must I express through words when I don’t feel like judging and why can’t we just let certain things just be beautiful because they are? Why must we explain beauty and not just let it sink into us…

Photos: WWD