Into The Dorm

by mayashaw

Into The Dorm is a Vision Venom version of Into The Gloss because it is the best website ever and I just kinda feel like writing about myself without feeling like a douche. Shall I continue? Yes… I shall.

“I’m a college student. I am a fashion design major which has to be one of the saddest things of my life. Why would something that I love to do make me sad? Well, because I have no money. We read all these great fashion blogs and we try to stay current but, when you’re on a budget nothing says “I read Vogue” than only being able to afford a vogue and not the things inside.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am truly blessed for all the opportunities I have had, things I own and the family that has raised me. I’m not here complaining about how I wish I had the money to afford La Mer because I understand that a jar of La Mer can feed half of Africa. Let’s just face the facts, it stinks a bit to not be able to have the things you just want to have (See shit I want post). What sucks the most is that I am a college student, on a college student budget who has expensive taste. I don’t like to just use anything on my skin, or in my hair, or to put into my body, I’m just very particular. But, sometimes being particular doesn’t go very well when you have a bunch of beauty supplies to buy at Target and only $30 to spend.

Another problem I have besides reading Vogue and being broke is reading beauty blogs. They just fill me with joy because I love products! One thing I found that I feel as though was sent from God himself (the true God not Based God) was Glossybox. Glossybox is like a Birch Box but, it cost more because you pretty much get a full sized product. The samples are like month supplies of samples not 2 day supplies. They also come in these sturdy pink and brown boxes that are very cute, I use them to hold my makeup that I use most often. On the subject of makeup I don’t wear that much, I wear Great Lash  mascara in brown because I don’t like having big, doll lashes, I just want a bit of pop and strength to them. My favorite lipstick at the moment is this Glossybox brand pink, it’s matte and it’s actually very good quality… I was scared it was going to be like Wet N’ Wild or something, that shit will make your lips fall off… I like the NP Set brand at Target. It’s Napoleon Perdi’s Target line and it is surprisingly amazing! I love the Liquid Veil and the Palette I got both on sale. The Liquid Veil makes my skin super sparkly and I wear it for when I go out to highlight and in the Palette I love the blush and the eye shadows, they work perfect with my skin tone. The Garnier Skin Renewal BB Cream is the first one I have ever tried… it’s okay. It smells nice and it covers my acne when I need it to without looking caked on so I suppose it does its job. Okay, the Smashbox primer is fucking BOSS. It goes on so smooth and it makes my face look flawless, even when I just put it under my BB cream! I got this as a free sample. I like getting free samples because if it is something a bit pricey and I don’t know if I really want it or not I want to try it out for a while first!

As for skin and body products I love using natural things, at least I try to. I love L’occitaine! All of their items smell so damn good and when I go in I buy everything. This summer my scent was Rose so I have the body cream and the perfume left over from them. Also I use the Korres rose 24 hour face cream. It smells so good and it evens out my skin. For lotion I use coco butter or shea butter. I don’t want my everyday lotion to have a fragrance because  I wear perfume. My fall and winter scent is Kenneth Cole Black. At first I had never heard anyone talk about the scent so I was a bit apprehensive but, when I smelled it I had to buy it. It was one of those moments where you are like I need this, now.

My face breaks out like crazy and nothing has ever really helped. I work out everyday, I stay away from soda and sugar, I take my vitamins and I eat my fruits and veggies but, nothing has made the red bumps go away. Currently I am washing my face with Aveno Clear Complexion foaming wash, Kiehl’s  Toner free samples, and sometimes Burt’s Bees Rose Water Toner. All of these things work well, I have just accepted the fact that my face will break out. Then thanks to Into The Gloss I found out about Kiehl’s Rare Earth collection and I tried the deep cleansing mask. It’s amazing. It feels so good when you put it on and when you take it off your skin is like butter.

For hair I keep it simple: shampoo, conditioner and a shit load of all natural products (I was being sarcastic.) My hair is really dry and crazy and I just moisturize it and let and do whatever because the one perk of having an afro is that no matter what people are going to love it.. or hate it and I don’t care.

Lastly, the number one favorite, must have beauty product of mine is Dr. Bronner’s Soap in Lavender. It smells so good and it gets you so clean.

I love things that smell good and feel good. I think that’s really important because people use their senses 24/7 so why not smell good. I’m always that person that smells something and knows who had it, or knows what smells means where that person is going or how they feel. Also people in general have their own scent and I can smell that as well… scents are very important.

If I had it my way (and money grew on trees) I would have the best of the best, and that doesn’t really mean spending a lot, it means having products that due what they are supposed to do with no crazy chemicals and additives. Being good to yourself is also important and as a student on a budget, going out for a run and catching a few sun rays is just a good as some super expensive face cream.”

– As told to myself from my own brain.