Jacqui Getty and Her Perfect Bathroom and Her Perfect Life.

by mayashaw

If you aren’t reading Into The Gloss something is fucking wrong with you. Either you don’t hang with me (obvi) or you aren’t a cool kid and I only hang with the cooliez. Anyways Into The Gloss has these amazing posts where they interview people who work in fashion, entertainment, cosmetics, and anything dealing with the industry and go into their home or bathroom or vanity! They ask about their beauty regimen and what they like and their life and the interviewie tells the story: no question answer shit just a straight answer… in story form. Its amazing.

Jacqui Getty is a stylist who has worked with many musicians and then went to magazine work. Her bathroom, y’all, is flawless. A timeless mix of old and new, young, fresh, grandma, plain, simple, chic… amazing. Her display of photographs mixed with random art structures and perfume bottles strikes my fancy. She has such a beautiful space and I’m so happy she shared for me to cry over wishing this is what I could turn my dorm into.

Photos and story at Into The Gloss