Real Talk Vol. 7: Wearing Workout Clothes To Class

by mayashaw

If I was a Dean or a Principal  or a fucking Teacher at all I would force my students to get dressed to go to class. As a kid who went to private school for the majority of my school years I wore a uniform. I hated it. I hated it because I couldn’t wear my new hot pink loafers with my outfit, not because I had to wear a uniform. When I started going to public schools you still saw students wearing their best. You wanted to be popular so you wore the newest, hippest clothes. Back in the 60’s my mother told me that you had your school dresses and your church dresses and, even though they may not be dresses anymore, you still have that concept today. You go back to school shopping to get supplies and new clothes right?

Well some how when you get to college that whole dressing to be popular or to just look fucking presentable thing goes out the window. Its kind of like showing your professors how much you don’t care about their class by wearing your old after prom t shirt, dirty yoga pants and Ugg boots to their class. It screams “I just rolled out of bed, probably didn’t do your homework, don’t care what you think of me, and after this class… I’M GOING BACK TO BED!”

In my case, I love getting dressed. Putting on clothes is the best part of the day! You put on these clean clothes that make you feel good and you know you look good. I have only once worn leggings to class and that was because it was my only class of the day, it was a test, it was raining and I wore them with a white blouse, rain boots and a trench coat. I will be damned if you ever see me on campus during classes wearing leggings or looking like a bum in general… I refuse!

So, when I see these young ladies wearing their see through leggings, way too big sweat shirts and Ugg boots I want to gag, pull them to the side and bitch slap them. And, likewise, when I see these young men wearing basket ball shorts and socks with flip flops I just want to throw my GQ at them and scream “YOU CAN DO BETTER!”

Because you can. Everyone can. You may be comfortable but, you look like a hobo version of Snookie and you may be warm but warmth doesn’t mean wearing clothes that look like shit on you.

So everyone, put on some jeans, wash your body and go to class. You will be just as comfortable and you may get a higher grade from your Professor… just saying.