I’m Obsessed With: Frankie Magazine

by mayashaw

frankie issue 50 (current issue)

You hear about chic little female friendly magazines from the U.K., Asia, France and in the U.S.A but, you don’t hear much about Australia. When I think of Australia’s graphic design, art and fashion scene it’s usually a blog type of thing. But, low and behold I found Frankie Magazine. I first heard about it when I found a blog post about these lovely two graphic design artists who were asked to illustrate their desk and I couldn’t believe how cute they were! Out now is Frankie’s 50th issue and I must get my hands on it, the magazine is just plain ol’ cute. It’s chic and girly and sometimes in a land of trying to fight with the boys it feels good to know that it’s alright to be a lady.

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Photos: Frankie Magazine

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