Passion Pit For Brooks Brothers

by mayashaw

Now, I listen to Passion Pit passionately (lol): in the gym, on the metro, in my bed… you know. But, I have never, ever, took the time out of my life to see what they look like or thought that they could be men’s wear idols. While skimming this month’s GQ (go get it, so damn good!) I spotted an ad campaign for Brooks Brothers and I said “Who are these fine young lads?” and then it said “Passion Pit Hoe!” No the magazine didn’t talk to me for real but, that’s what it seemed like in my head.

This is a very, very good ad campaign and I would like to shake Brooks Brothers hand and ask some of the members of Passion Pit into my bed. The spread is shot on top of New York City and shows the boys looking dapper in some sartorial goodness. I love the shot of them all in black bow ties and suits, the gray blazer with the contrasting black satin/silk collar. But, why Passion Pit? I understand they just released this new album but, the don’t seem like an it boy band. Why not One Direction or The Wanted… I kid, I kid!

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