Step Your Game Up

by mayashaw

Mr. McNairy is always doing the sartorial, the #menswear, the “totes jawnz man” type of design. He keeps the #menswear bloggosphere on the edge of their seat and keeps us men’s wear loving females swooning and wishing we were boys even when it isn’t that time of the month. I would like to thank him for crafting up a classy version of the Timberland work boot. A boot that I grew up seeing my older brothers rock and die over. The boot that dirrrrrty south rappers and West coast rappers all had in common… the boot that brought everyone together. By throwing some color on these jonts (a color that isn’t pink Cam’ron!) and suede we get one of the most stunningly curated boot ever curated, take that Pharrell and your dumb ass croc skin knee high Timbs… take that!



Available at McNairy