Real Talk Vol. 6: Going to a Small School

by mayashaw

Ahhh what a privileged it is to be able to attend a small campus: to have teachers that know your face and name even when you aren’t currently one of their students, to get small class rooms, open opportunities for those who take them and campus recognition that can either be a good thing or a bad thing… but please do not fail to see the down sides of going to a very small (and catholic) university. Here are some points that I would like to make (good and bad) about going to a small ass university.

1. Diversity– Now you are probably saying “But, isn’t that a bigger school thing?” haha no silly young one this small ass school I attend has enough diversity in it that we don’t even have enough clubs for every race and cultural background that attends this place. I love diversity!

2. People– Now when I say you see the same people everyday… you see the same people everyday… maybe 6-20 times a day. Now this wouldn’t be bad if you did not have this whole awkward encounter when you see each other after the 12 time… here is a little scenario.

Girl- Oh hey!

You- Hey how are you?

Girl- Great! See ya, gotta run to class!

You- Bye!

(Right after class)

Girl- Hey!

You- Hey girl how was class?

Girl- Great!

(going to lunch 2 hours later)

Girl- Hey!

You- Hey!

(going to class after lunch)

Girl- hey

You- *wave*

(leaving class)

*silently walk past each other and give the little polite smile*


See how awkward that was. Imagine that EVERY DAMN DAY! What even worse is that some people wear the same clothes everyday. Trust me I’m not picky about what you wear (unless you are some sort of fashion major… you have no excuse to look bummy!) but dammit if I see this girl wear the damn nike running shorts, rainbow flip flops and a fucking north face fleece I might scream… no really.

3. Prepare to have everyone know who you are– If you stand out just a bit… a wee bit everyone will know who you are; your name, major, who you room with, where you are from and who you are friends with… everything. All of your “privacy” doesn’t exist any more because everyone talks and word gets around this small ass campus very, very fast.

4. Big fish, little pond– In the fashion department at our school there are only about 30 or so students who actually participate in planning events and working events on the regular. Yeah you may work an event once… but never again… that just shows you really don’t care about getting experience and building a bad ass resume. These select few all know each other, work well with each other and actually like each other… everyone else is just paying over 30,000 dollaroos a year to get “trippy”. So when you show interest, dedication and hard work people see that and people will want to help you and push you into the industry because they know you want to be there!

5. Jobs– On this small campus there are lots of student jobs. I work two because I am Superwoman and can do anything I put my mind to. Also I am constantly stressed and such but, that’s another topic. Working a job on campus shows your school’s staff that you are dedicated to college so much that you will work and go to school at the same damn time… at the same damn place. This also helps with networking and meeting new people and talking to other student workers who you may have never talked to before other wise.

There are more reasons but, you get the point. Going to a small school is a love hate relationship and some times I want to transfer and sometimes I love this place I can barely stand it!