The 2012 Short Pump Town Center Project Style Style Off

by mayashaw

Remember this summer when I was begging for votes to win my round and become a part of the finale of Project Style? Well thank you all if you did vote, or even just watched my video, because even though I didn’t win the lord works in mysterious ways (don’t I sound like an old ass black lady?) and I was asked to participate in the final round anyways!

(The oh-so-chic judges)

This time there was an event at Short Pump: A VCU fashion show, the project style event, and the mall showing off the latest fall fashions as well. All 5 of us were introduced and then we were set free into the mall with $200 and one hour to shop… ONE HOUR! I had to come up with a plan because I refused to be seen running around that mall like a chicken with my head cut off and only shopped at one store… it had to have shoes, jewelry, cool clothes and a dab of quirkiness and that store was Urban Outfitters. Everything I got I just grabbed with no after thought and no second guessing, and I was done way too early which freaked me out! I was so scared that I didn’t put enough thought into my outfit and I talked to my brother who soothed me and reminded me to just be myself!

The other contestants hit all the early fall trends, leather, sky high heels, texture, mixing patterns and staying feminine.

When it was announced that I won I honestly couldn’t believe it! Seeing my family so happy made me the most ecstatic girl in the world so many things were going through my head and then I thought “I just fucking won $1000 shopping spree… what the fucking fuck FUCK!” Yep all those fucks were in my mind.

(With Larissa of RVA Fashion Girl)

Now I have $200 to create a banging fall/ winter look and make a video to be sent into the national competition to win a trip to New York fashion week! Let’s Go!