Lafayette 148 Fashion Show at Tysons Corner

by mayashaw

Ocean getting a model’s Christian Loubioutin boot off! 

Katie and I

A few weeks ago the Marymount Fashion Club, which is the go to for all backstage and dressing help at all fashion events in the D.C. area, worked a Lafayette 148 fashion show at Neiman Marcus at Tyson’s Corner.  This show had to be one of my favorites that we have worked because we got in there worked the event and got out, no funny business. Also, the clothes. Oh my lord the clothes! Cobalt blues, hunter greens, color blocking, socks with sandals, fur and leather gloves, visors, and an all black finale of gowns… it was flawless. While Amy Winehouse and Gotye bumped on for the show us MU students ran around and stripped models and dressed them all the way back up! It was an amazing event, doing events like these always reminds me to stay humble and to continue to work hard towards my dreams!