Public School NYC Spring/ Summer 2013 Lookbook

by mayashaw

Just when I finally got a chance to wrap my head around their Fall/ Winter collection and stop obsessing over wide brimmed wool hats (p.s. I found one that fits over my fro thanks Target!) they throw this at me. This collection of fantastically tailored pieces that are the reasons why I am pushing through my tailoring class as we speak. Hues of blues, grays, whites and a few blacks here and there make the retro New York cool guy look chilled and “cool” for the summer.

I have always been partial to guys who wear jackets when it’s hot outside.. are you trying to cover your sweat stains and B.O. or are you so fashion forward that heat doesn’t bother your fashion choices? Whatever it may be I love the cobalt blue jacket! It’s smart and sharp with a pop of color that looks good on every complexion and is still the it color! The jeans look great. I love the wax effect that creates a whole new texture to the jeans while still keeping the comfort of 100% cotton.

Besides the awkward poses of the models the collection is solid and just fantastic and makes me really want to work with these guys one day! Men’s wear is coming back hard, but, when you’re wearing Public School you can rock waxed jeans and a wool 3 button front jacket at the same damn time.