I’m Obsessed With: Anything Indigo

by mayashaw

Now in the words of Tyler the Creator “I’m no hipster mister!” but, I have hopped on the indigo trend bandwagon that has been an acquirement of taste makers and Japanese culture lovers for centuries. I was discussing with my roommate how I was going to grow indigo plants and harvest the roots to create home made indigo dye until she told me that it would be the most ridiculous thing I could ever do to all of us who live in this dorm: I’m settling on a dye kit. I want everything indigo. I want it dyed, tie dyed, dip dyed, rinsed, faded and I want it now! I want T-shirts, bed coverings, scarves, bags, dammit color my whole body indigo, give me the dark and mysterious yet natural and stunning hue and give it to me on everything!