The Life Of A Hippie

by mayashaw

My mother was very much so a hippie/ revolutionary in the 70′s, she had a huge fro and amazing turquoise jewelry that I wear today. Her style of the past has always had an effect on me and although she doesn’t look like she is in the 70′s anymore… I do. I have found so many items that she wore in the 70′s and early 80′s like old tee’s, lingerie that could so be worn in public, and her wedding dress that she picked up at a mall a few weeks before her wedding. I wore her wedding dress on my graduation day: it’s white and very, very sheer and stunning! Hippie fashion has always been a love of mine especially in the fall where I enjoy wearing neutrals and Navaho prints. These photos from the winter 2012 lookbook by Spell and the Gypsy  is stunning and I will have dreams of being by the ocean come November.

Photos: Spell and the Gypsy Collective