Taming the Beast: Richmond’s First curly Hair Expo Part.2 “The Vendors”

by mayashaw

Now, this expo would have only been half as amazing as it was if it wasn’t for the vendors! At this event everything was being sold that you could imagine a natural haired person would need! Natural hair products, handmade earrings and other jewelry to enhance your curls, cool clothing brands from the RVA area and vintage… y’all know how much I love my vintage! I regret not buying anything (all though my wallet doesn’t) but, it was so fun to run around to different vendors selling different things and learning their history!

Wow was all I can say when I saw this woman’s work for her crochet accessory brand Rebellion . This turban was about to me mine so fast but then my wallet cried out and I just stepped away from it… it was so hard! I asked her what brought her to crochet and she said she wanted to make it trendy and chic again to wear crochet and that it wasn’t just for grandmas, well said! I love her concepts and designs, they are chic and so not for grandmas… unless your grandmother is a bonified badass.

 Beautiful vendor space design by a photographer at the event, that’s a lamp!

Had a great time talking to one of the founders and creators of an up and coming Richmond clothing brand called Wealth of Knowledge that I promise you will be spotting on every dude (including me, I count right?) on the east coast! Here is a creepy bit of information, saw the other founder of the brand at the movies last night but, all I saw was the big owl on his shirt at first and I freaked out to my cousin because I thought I spotted a random person wearing the brand… then I realized it was the designer and I was like yup seems legit to me (I wear my own stuff all the time guys!) And now I am even more of a creep because I didn’t say hello, just call me a creepster. Anyways, a less creepy fact is that the brand is really cool and even my brother likes it and said “Yo, get yo hands on dat apple pull over for me, shits hot.” so there you go guys “Shits hot.” Wealth of Knowledge (and be sure to follow their twitter!)

 If you meet someone who is like “Pshhh I hate people that take things that I would throw away and make cool stuff out of it!” First you should slap them with something (something greenly made of course) and send them over to Alodeuri. From t-shirts turned in to cool “what the hell do I do with this?” necklaces to earrings, vintage and the most amazing necklace of all! This necklace is made from old jeans, t-shirts and vintage buttons. Amazing right! Oh and the vintage was on point as well so many cute dresses, skirts and bags!  

These last photos are from vendors who I didn’t get a chance to talk to but could not overlook some of their pieces! This expo was so much fun and I truly enjoyed myself and loved meeting all new people who not only create but inspire! Please feel free to support these local business .