Real Talk Vol. 4: Is There An App For Being a Loser?

by mayashaw

Apps. Apps that make sounds. Apps that make your pictures look like you’re in space. Apps of cats licking your screen. Apps to put Lisa Frank tigers on your face. Apps. Mother fucking Apps.

I have a Blackberry that I use to go on twitter, check emails, take amazing photos (great HD camera on these new Blackberry’s) text and talk on the phone. I don’t have any games or special apps that I can play with when I’m bored in the dentist office or to look cool in front of friends. It’s just a phone, a smart phone, but just a damn phone.

I can live without my phone. Just a few months ago I got this smart phone as a gift from my brother for making the Dean’s list at my school and being a smarty pants and not getting pregnant. I say it was a gift because I had a shitty free phone since high school. It slid and had a keyboard… pretty bad. But, not as bad as my other brother who has a Chocolate! My point is I never was attached to my phone because I was embarrassed to have it out. I was ashamed of my free phone but, I thank God for it. If I got a bad ass smart phone as my first phone and my parents where the type to buy me the hottest phone when it came out I wouldn’t understand half the shit I understand now. The things you observe when you are out in the world and you aren’t glued to your phone is amazing, being able to have dinner with someone with out your phone on the table is liberating and leaving the house realizing that you left your phone on the charger is a “whatever” moment for you because a phone should not control your life!

Recently I was at a family lunch for my Grandma’s 89th birthday. I looked over at another table to see a couple of some sort having lunch. Now, they could have been dating or just brother and sister but, that does not matter. The guy had his iPhone headphones in watching You Tube videos the whole meal… seriously. She looked so sad and never once looked at her phone because that is what you are supposed to do when you are out with someone! When the check came she dipped so fast, so I’m guessing it was a date of some sort.

My question is what is wrong with us? Why can’t we go to lunch, or walk down the street, or go to the damn gas station without needing to be on our phones? Why this obsession? Why this urge every time your phone dings you have to dig in your bag to find it? I feel as though these phones are making our generation less focused, more A.D.D and less likely to interact with each other in person!

What shall we do when you realize you look cute today and BAM there’s an app for that! What app is next? In fact I don’t want to know there is one for everything. Stop being a loser and get off of your phone! Smell the flowers, look at the sky, help the old lady cross the road!

Photo: Jak&Jil