From Boys To Men

by mayashaw

Ah, my taste in boys (now men). It all started for real in the 8th grade if you wore fucked up jeans, a raggedy Old navy half zip pull over and some Adidas shell toes I was in lub. For all of high school it was about street wear. Mishka, Supreme, Nudie jeans, A.P.C, Original Fake, Bape all-a-dat was so attractive to little ol’ me until last year. Last year I turned 18 (WOAH, haha jplay I’m a baby) and realized that these boys wearing these brands looked like tools… total tools.

It’s funny because at a time where i was picky about how my boyfriend dressed and how if he dressed a certain way I wouldn’t even talk to him now, my single status has changed that completely. While yes I do care how a man dresses because fashion is important to me and I would like to have a guy friend who understands the difference between Indigo and blue (lawd) but, I don’t need anything flashy. That’s how my fashion taste has become as well: own a few nice things that look good and will last forever. That’s what i want, a man who dresses for the future not for what A$VP and Jeremy Scott collaboration is out now or shit like that but, a man who knows that if he buys that Barbour coat it will last him at least 3 sons to hand it down to. I am looking for a guy who looks for longevity and I believe that a guy who buys clothes to last knows about a lasting relationship!

Oh, and I guess I can add some photos of great looking men while we are on the topic, BANG,BANG.

Photos: The Satorialist