Fashion Hair

by mayashaw

While we are on the subject of hair, and before I post the photos from the Curly Hair Expo, let us take a look at the hair of fashion weeks that are here to say or shall go away. What will we be looking at you say? Duh, pictures that the Allah of fashion street photography Tommy Ton has taken these past few months! Let’s dive in head first (I’m so puny) into this shall we?


The Messy Pony-Bun: this hair style means that you want to create an effortless look. See how she isn’t even looking at her hair in her clutch/mirror? That is because she has told everyone that she “rolled out of bed and threw on a dress and ran to fashion week…” By the way the dress is kind of pretty amazing and giving me a little bit of life right now, just saying.


The Louis Vuitton Scarf: Yes, I know for a fact that it is Louis so don’t question me. Anyways, this scarf makes this outfit look so chic and forward. If she had milk maid braids she would be mistaken for a Heidi cosplay expert (y’all remember that book.) The bare shoulders and the neutral outfit needed a pop of color so why not throw a scarf on your head and tie it Mammy style!


The Baseball Cap: There is this movement in high fashion now thanks to Alexander Wang and Kanye West that adding a bit of street wear to a normally high fashion outfit creates this concept that you are “down” “hip” or “trill” and guess what french girls it doesn’t! Although guys say they love a girl who can pull off a fitted and a pair of Stella pumps that shouldn’t mean that every single one of you needs to run to your local Lids anytime soon.


The Bob With Bangs: I’m going to end this post on a good note because who wants to be known as a negative blogger right? I love bobs… with bangs. I love them on everyone, every head shape, every age, every color and every style! I think that the bob with bangs is timeless, chic and vintage. It’s a style that can transform any woman and make them look sexier instantly.

So there you go! Some hair trends that can be used and some that should be tossed away… also, dear Tommy Ton can we get some fros in the mix please and thank you. The Satorialist is getting so many photos of WOC that I was almost in tears at my desk the other day, I know they exists.

Photos: Jak&Jil