Shea Moisture Transitions to Wellness Event: RVA

by mayashaw

This past weekend if you are an all natural lady, or gentleman, Richmond was the number 1 place to be! On Friday there was the Shea Moisture Transitions to wellness event at club Aurora and Saturday was Richmond’s first curly hair expo Taming the Beast (photos from that event uploaded soon!) Shea moisture came to town and gave me more information about the horrible chemicals in un-natural hair products and body products than I ever thought I would need but, the information was so useful and I have shared it with everyone, everyone I know.

If you are wondering what the ladies wore to the event it was a roomed filled with all natural hair styles under the afro-rainbow: twist outs, comb coils, rod sets, afros… everything you can imagine and they were all beautiful. Although I didn’t get very good shots of hair I love that everyone was wearing color and lots of it! I mean, look at the orange platforms with the vibrant tropical print, amazing!

Special thanks to Shea Moisture and Jonna of Naturally Glam for letting me cover these events!