Brixton 2012 Fall/Winter Lookbook

by mayashaw


Not really my forte to write up about men’s wear in the sense of casual and skater wear. But, then again, it kinda does because the good Lord knows that I love a man in a pair of old Vans, ripped Levi 501’s, a vintage t shirt and some sort of brimmed hat (See Public School look book below for the hats I’m talking about) throw in a motor cycle and the fact that he is a handy man and I might just buy myself the ring and ask him to put in on my finger… I digress. This Brixton look book impressed me because it wasn’t horrible, boring and skater. Some skater clothing look books are just mug and ug and the clothes don’t do the boys justice but, this look book shows that the skater bois that Avril was singing about have grown up, getting jobs, owning houses, getting married and having kids… check it out!

They also have a little something for the ladies:

Photos: Brixton