I’m Obsessed With: The Satorialist Summer Street Shots

by mayashaw

I wish I could take a deep breath of fresh, summer, ocean air and hold it until next summer and never breath again. For some reason this summer has been the most relaxing, passionate and exciting summer of all and it’s all most over. My job is over in 5 weeks, my birthday is in 4 weeks and I go back to school in 6 weeks! Where has my summer gone? Although it can’t be summer forever I can always go back to the amazing summer shots that The Satorialist took this year. Well Done!

This summer ranged from all over brights and flowing whites to dark and tailored. Fashion this summer was all about bringing back the old and vintage and recreating it into a new form of fashion.

This summer was about the goodwill finds, the thrifting trips with friends and the picnics on old blankets with Sanpelligrino and sushi held by raggedy baskets. This summer was about finding the old Vans from middle school and having them become your favorites all over again. This summer was about flowers picked from the backyard, white scented candles, 60’s rock and soul music, riding with the windows down in 100 degree weather. This summer was fun and this fall will be fun and this winter will be fun, and I think you get the point.

All photos: Satorialist.com