Real Talk Vol. 1: Office Etiquette

by mayashaw

Maya here, realizing that I don’t talk that much (by talk I mean text posts duh!) and that ends now! Along with the “I’m Obsessed With…” , “Home Inspiration” and my collages, I am adding a weekly text post to the blog to spice things up now that Vision Venom is past it’s 1 year brithday! They shall be called “Real Talk” and I will express all of my feels (ohhh Tumblr lingo there for ya) on things that I love, lothe and things that confuse the shit out of me. Let it be about family, relationships, fashion or politics… I’m going to talk about it… and keep it real at the same damn time.

Vol. 1 of Real Talk is on Office Etiquette. Now, I’m not talking about, you know, the things we all know are not the right things to do in an office setting like get touchy feely with a co-worker or pee in the coffee, but I’m talking about how co-workers talk to each other.

I just started this summer job last week where I am working in a very professional office setting with really friendly people who seem to love what they do. I don’t really do much but look nice, smile and say good morning to everyone and then stalk my bloglovin’. Now don’t get me wrong I am doing a shit load of work but, it gets boring and I need to take some fashion breaks from time to time… as long as I am getting my work done I’m good right? Anywho, wearing clothing for the office has been so tough, trying to look professional while holding on to what makes you a fashionista. So I am now known around the office as the walking fashion show. Today I dressed a bit more normal: baby pink pleated Gap skirt, amazing chunky heeled sandals and a Jones New York white blouse with my Cartier bracelet and a jewled cuff… normal right?

Becasue I look so normal today I got so many compliments. Now, when I give a compliment it’s “I love that (insert item I would love here)!” or ” You look so put together!” But, today I recieved the dreaded “You look nice *pause* today!” Oh I hate that comment because you always have to say “Thank you?” It’s such a back handed comment like if I were to say “Your breath smells nice *pause* today!” It leaves you stunned, wondering what to say or more importantly what they are trying to say. Do I usually look cray cray? Should I be happy about this? Should I tell her that her slip is hanging? Until ultametly you just end up saying “Thank…you?” which makes you sounds either dumb or like a bitch.

Why can’t we just eliminate the “today” portion of the comment? How about just a simple and to the point “You look nice!” That way everyone is happy and no one feels awkward: all the vibes are good!

Has this ever happened to you all? How do you feel about the “today”?

Photo: Jak&jil