Project Style and Other Updates!

by mayashaw

Woah! Hey y’all it sure has been a minute since I updated this thangy thang right? Well, no fear you vision venomers (is that weird?) I am back with some exciting news and favors and news and other stuffs! So, last week I got a notification that I was chosen as a semi-finalist for Short Pump Town Center, in Richmond Virginia, Project Style! I am so, so, so excited to be apart of this experience it’s not even funny! Above is a sneak peak of my outfit I style for the competition and I will post the link on Sunday, July 15 where you can vote (PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE) for my look and watch my video about my outfit that is pretty much all from J.Crew and under $150! Isn’t that exciting?! Lastly do not forget that Return of the Curls: Richmond Curly Hair Expo is coming up and you can buy your tickets HERE!

Until next time!