I’m Obsessed With: LuLulemon

by mayashaw

This summer has been all about taking back my body! I used to be a dancer and soccer player, so I used to be in great shape and super flexible… not anymore. So I said enough is enough and I am taking back my body! I will have abs, I will have a great ass and I will has strong arms and not one will stop me! All summer I have been eating right, going to the gym, doing youtube work out by this godly woman, drinking 2L of water a day (do it!) and taking a yoga class. Y’all… I am addicted to yoga. It’s not just like “Oh this is a nice and relaxing thing I do once a week!” Oh no it’s like I have to do yoga every day, have cute yoga things, and lastly have a yoga closet that will blow ya minds! So I have found Lululemon and, although very expensive, these work out clothes are so CUTE! So here are my must haves, favorite things, and things I will buy when I win the lottery. (Click images for links to buy!)

Wunder Under Pant

Wandering Yogi Bra

Presence LS Tee

Happy Hatha Crop

Photos: Lululemon.com