I’m Obsessed With: Candie Weitz’s Home

by mayashaw

As an interior design obsessed young person I love… LOVE seeing other young and fabulous people’s cribs. Candie Weitz who does something that people aren’t really that sure of because she pretty much does everything (street art, photography, fashion design, you name it.) Her home is a beautiful mix of fashion and art, high and low, street and luxury… it is amazing. To die for. BEAUTIFUL! I mean look at that “Mens” sign on her bathroom, look at all the cool things that she owns and how she mixes her tomboy fashion taste in her home’s design! This is a  genius house. Oh and who ever her man is he has great taste as well! I also can really appreciate how parts of the home have a very clean and classic design with it’s black and white color scheme and other parts are full of art, color and create items.

Photos: Hypebeast