London: Men’s Spring 2013 Collections

by mayashaw

This season I have been highly impressed with the amount of tech. and design skill in the Men’s spring 2013 collections in London showing all this week. The designers are all so unique: while some play with color others play with texture and materials.

Christopher Shannon is a men’s wear designer from Liverpool who uses conservative designs and simple silhouettes to create, literally, pieces of walking art. He even says so himself when describing his designs “They seem to evolve all the time. My collections feature performance fabrics, clean silhouettes and just the right amount of drama.” Drama indeed, a manly skirt composed of shredded fabrics in an array of pinks and reds isn’t something that you would see in the window at the Gap. By taking traditional oxford shirts he creates almost a tribal effect with neon colors in bold patterns. The denim is nice and shredded, I mean that jacket in photo 6 is amazing… done.

Now we all know J.W. Anderson for his amazing paisley prints and fringe for his Spring/summer 2012 collection, but now he will be known for another collection that might not be for the women. This collection is defiantly for the man that loves to rock women’s clothing with no shame like the amazing Andrew Mukamal, pinks, lace and those comfy looking bell bottoms. Although I don’t believe that I will walk out on the streets of RVA and see a guy rocking a piece from this collection head to toe but, the fellas can take notes: short shorts in bold patterns, tailored dress pants, cool neon coolers, the Grateful Dead t-shirts and man-clutches, no biggie!

Margaret Howell gives the guys something a little more, cough, normal. A beautiful selection of perfect tailoring and sloppy simplicity her collection is what my ideal man would rock. No crazy bold patterns, colors or silhouettes just clothing that looks good on the man and on the rack. I fell in love with those jeans. Those jeans are so good looking, they look like the type of jeans that would make any man instantly taller, slimmer and just more attractive ( can we please get rid of this skinny jeans epidemic? It has gone on for far too damn long!). Lastly the shoes. Something that every man should own is a great pair of oxfords, for casual down time or for dress… get a pair!