I’m Obsessed With: L’Occitane

by mayashaw

I have to start this post with the fact that as I have grown up, I have grown out of Bath and Body Works. Their products suck, are not natural and hurt my super sensitive skin. Just thinking about those horrifying and drying body washes that don’t get you clean but just cover you with over barring perfumes makes my stomach turn. In the shower I use non-scented Dove beauty bar with extra moisture and it is a product sent from God himself, but, when it comes to lotions and perfumes I like using luxury goods… and then my mother and I re-found L’Occitane. It’s all natural and made with love and care and my body could not be happier.

I love a scent that is floral and actually made from flowers… not flower scent of some type of crazy ass chemical I have never heard of. My favorite line by L’Occitane, besides the lavender line, is the Pivoine Flora line (Peony). It smells like love. It smells like happiness. It smells like what I want to smell like for the rest of my life. It’s amazing! I bet my life that you will love this fragrance and the softer peony fragrance that they just came out with now only available in stores!

L'Occitane en Provence Eau de Toilette, Pivoine Flora

L'Occitane en Provence Hand Cream, Pivoine Flora                                         L'Occitane en Provence Beauty Cream, Pivoine Flora

Eau du Toilette $45, Hand Creme $10, Body Cream $36