I’m Obsessed With: Shine By Three

by mayashaw

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Pyjama Party

MBFWA: Orra, Orra

When it comes to personal style fashion blogs and lifestyle blogs I am always drawn to color. Not necessarily that the blog it’s self has to be neon pink (honestly as you can see I like a clean white and black layout) but that they style of the blogger is unique and bright! Shine By Three is all about Margaret Zhang’s stunning down under style! She plays with prints, color, texture and even make-up to create some of the most beautiful personal style post ever: the way the sun is lighting the photos, her poses and her filters are all so interestingly special!

I find Margaret’s style absolutely inspiring and perfect for the summer because of her love for color and designers I have never heard of before! What do you all think of her style? Make sure you check out her blog for more posts!

Xox Maya