Today’s Look Episode #201 and #202 Feat. Karen Blanchard

by mayashaw



Let’s talk about how much I love Andrew and his webshow Today’s Look…. oh I already have? Twice? Okay then let’s continue! Recently his videos have been giving my dull fashion student life a kick in the ass with his stunning clothing concoctions and thrilling videos filled with Givenchy and other designers that my poor college student wallet is lusting for. On these two episodes his special guest is someone who I look toward for most if, not all, of my fashion need-to-knows. Karen Blanchard of Where Did You Get That?, yes I did a post on her as well, is a vintage queen! The Duchess of H&M, the Emperor of all creeper wearers and the Posh Spice of New York City. My love for Karen, her style and her story is so deep… so deep. Anywho, give these two videos a watch tell me what you think and go follow Karen and Andrew on twitter!