My Little Fisheye Studded Friendship Bracelets

by mayashaw

I have been on the hunt for a wallet friendly, hand made studded friendship bracelet for this summer for ever! How I stumbled on this little Etsy shop, the world may never know but, I am so happy I did! My Little Fisheye’s shop has everything from studded friendship bracelets, rings, evil eye jewels and other amazing things that I must buy once pay day comes around! I love their friendship bracelets because you the buyer can choose what color bracelet and what color studs you want and that to me was a deal maker! Check out their things fall in love!

silver spike friendship ring

single evil eye slave. gold or silver. made to order

4 large golden or silver spiked friendship bracelet. made to order. NEW COLORS

death skull crown

Look at this beautiful skull crown!