The Twitter Nameplate Necklace

by mayashaw

This name necklace trend for fashsionistas all started with the one and only main fashionista in the history of fashionistas: Carrie Bradshaw. When Carrie rocked her nameplate “Carrie” necklace all of the young women from the early 2000s to now have dawned a nameplate necklace of their own (I mean how many of us cried when she found it in the whole in her Christian Dior clutch in Paris?!) Now there are so many designers that are customizing necklaces in this way, my favorite is Melody Ehsani, and you can get them at any budget!

Most recently, just having your name around your neck hasn’t been enough and the internet world is going crazy over having a twitter nameplate necklace! Safer? Sure! I couldn’t even tell you how many times people have come up to me saying “Hi Maya!” because it’s wrapped around my neck. So if you are looking for a nameplate necklace that doesn’t scream to the world who you really are but, who you are on the internet check out this necklace HERE!