Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Cassie: Givenchy, Vintage and Ambush Princesses

by mayashaw

My most recent fashion obsessions have been the mix of hip hop style and high fashion style (see post below). Some of my favorite female celebrities are doing this trend so well and are making me closet envious! Givenchy is the new cool: with the contrast of dark colors with bright, vibrant prints, the brand has made the most perfect t-shirts on this earth! Cassie looks amazing in this Givenchy jersey with harem pants, Rihanna looks stunning in this men’s t peeping under her leather Letterman jacket.

Vintage pieces are a new thing that I have been on for a while. Adding one peice of vintage to ANY outfit makes it that much more special! Rita Ora’s style is unique and effortless. She chooses pieces that make her look cool and different without going over the top. In Cassie’s King of Hearts music video she rocks a vintage Versace blouse that looks amazing with high waisted hot shorts!

If you have been reading Vision Venom for a while now you should know that I am a lover for all things Yoon and Verbal, the creators of Ambush Designs. Their jewelry are statement pieces and Rita Ora wears them so perfectly! The gold looks so good against her red lips and her blonde hair!