I’m Obsessed With: Japanese Toys

by mayashaw

Once again, this summer I am decorating my room. I’m bringing out the spray paint, chandelier wall decals, vintage furniture and everything will be black, silver, and white. I have these neon yellow walls and I don’t want to add a “color” into my decorations: I want to keep it chic and bold. Now one exception to this whole color rule are the amazing toys created by Kid Robot and Tokidoki! I love them because I am so in love with Japan and they will go great with all of the other Japanese books, trinkets and what not around my room!

Cactus Friends : Carina

Tokidoki Cactus Friends: Carina

Ciao Ciao

Tokidoki: Ciao Ciao

Big Mongers : Lorenzo

Kid Robot: Big Monsters Lorenzo

Baby Qee 7 inch: DIY Bear

Baby Quee 7 inch DIY Bear

You can get all of these toys at My Plastic Heart