GPPR Fall Gentlemen Club

by mayashaw

I love when a man cares about his clothes. By this I mean ANYTHING other than his sneakers. Now don’t get me wrong I love a guy in a fresh pair of Gourmets but I love a man more when he can throw on a Dior Homme suit.  Men have different ideas of what their swag is and whatever works for them, works for them. Our generation is growing up; closets that used to be filled with big baggy jeans and Air Force 1’s are now filled with clothes that fit and more grown up shoes… or at least they should be. GPPR’s fall collection not only has hot guys modeling but, clothes that would make any and I mean ANY guy hot! GPPR’s new Fall 2011 collection ‘Gentlemen’s Club’:


“There is a certain place where gentlemen gather to find solace in a perverse sort of nurturing only a woman can provide. Not only a gentlemen’s club but a rebel’s sanctuary, where fantasies of the female form run rampant. Such an environment lays the foundation for an intangible bond between men of scars and stripes.

This ‘Brotherhood,’ if you will, exists only in namesake and lends itself to a mutual understanding among Gentlemen, Philosophers, Perverts and Rebels alike. Despite fundamental differences, there is a commonality between them that transcends titles. Those that realize and understand this ultimately initiate themselves into this community and become a part of a Gentlemen’s Club of a much more noble meaning.

This collection is dedicated to the men that reside within this system of reasoning and respect. For those, though, who have yet to join our ranks, let this be your invitation and welcome to the Gentlemen’s Club.”


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