Alexa Chung for Madewell Launch Party Gerogetown, Washington D.C.

by mayashaw

Tonight was such a special night! My roommate and I rode up the orange line to Georgetown to meet and celebrate with the lovely Alexa Chung! We got there early and we were second in line. So many passerbyers asked us what we were in line for and “what” was an Alexa Chung. Although we were annoyed, our feet hurt in our heals and the sun was blazing, we politely told them “who” Alexa Chung was and that there was a party!

When we were let in we, as quickly in my healed clogs could, ran up the steps to be the first to meet Alexa! She was sipping on an iced coffee from Starbucks rocking a black cape, black and white shift dress, over the knee socks and the cutest clogs. She looked at the four of us and gave a hearty, and very British, hello.

After meeting Alexa and being so star struck I forgot to ask her for an interview we went downstairs to grab some cookies and a drink.

Next were the manicures! Standing in line for about 5 minutes it was finally our turn. You could choose to get one nail or two so I got my two middle fingers painted. The mani for the night were painted palm trees: the main print of Alexas line! Back upstairs there was a cute little Dj hopping around to her music and a photobooth! My roommate and I took our picture changed our shoes and off we went. The party was so fun and everyone was so happy and sweet! More photos to come of the actual clothing line!