DimePiece Designs

by mayashaw

As you all already know I LOVE female street-wear brands! One of my favorites that I am so excited to be a part of is DimePiece. DimePiece has taken down the wall between brand and shoppers and has created a street team! I am a member of the street team and I am the brand 24/7. So what are my favorite pieces you ask? Well…

                      MR. MADAME LACE BUTTON UP Price: $48.00


                         GO TO HELL TOTE BAG Price: $26.00


                     GO TO HELL RIB DRESS Price: $48.00


              BITCHES BE TRIPPIN COLLAR Price: $40.00


          DIMEPIECE LOGO CROP TOP BEIGE Price: $35.00


All of these are availabe at Dimepiece and Karmaloop! SHOP SHOP SHOP!